It is the most popular system introduced by the Federal Government of Canada in 2015 to accelerate the permanent resident applications for various economic programs.  As 80% of the applications are processed in less than 6 months. This system is used by IRCC to manage IRCC to manage application for permanent residence based on:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • EE-Linked Provincial Nominee Programs

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for Individuals with competent skills in a profession or occupation, who are interested in working and living in Canada permanently.

For eligibility, a minimum of 67 Points on a scale of 100 are required in the Six selection factors in this program:

  • Age
  • Level of Education
  • Work Experience
  • Valid Employment offer
  • English and /or French Language Skills
  • Adaptability

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade.

The applicant

  • Have accumulated at least two years of full-time work experience (or the equivalent in part-time work experience) in the skilled trade during the five previous years.
  • Meet the required language levels for each language ability (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) by submitting results of a language test recognized by the government of Canada. The required minimum results are Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening, and CLB 4 for reading and writing.
  • Meet the job requirements for that skilled trade as set out in the National Occupational Classification, except for needing a certificate of qualification
  • Have a
    • Valid job offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least 1 year or
    • Certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.

Canadian Experience Class – CEC

Canadian Experience Class- Temporary foreign workers in Canada are ideal people to apply for Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience Class category. Here are the eligibility requirements to apply to this category:

The applicant must:

  • Have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada, in the last 3 years before you apply
  • Have gained your work experience by working in Canada while temporary resident status with authorization to work
  • Work experience can be in one or more in NOC Code O, A or B
  • Must meet the minimum language requirements of English/ French
    • Canadian Language Benchmark 7 for NOC O or A Jobs or
    • Canadian Language Benchmark 5 for NOC B Jobs

Once the candidate meets eligibility requirements in one of the above categories, the first step is to create Express Entry Profile by entering all information including Age, Education, Language Proficiency test scores, Work Experience, Skills, and Job Offer. You are assigned a CRS score using the Comprehensive Ranking System and your profile is in the pool. Periodically, express entry draws are conducted, and the highest-ranked candidates are invited to apply for permanent residence. After Invitation to Apply (ITA), the selected candidates have 60 days to submit the documents with the applications. It is important to apply with all required documents, otherwise, the incomplete application can be refused. In all the above categories, the applicant must be admissible to Canada. After assessing the application successfully by IRCC, the candidate will receive confirmation of Permanent Resident and Permanent Resident Visa.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Canadian provinces and territories are permitted to nominate individuals under different streams.  The nomination of an individual depends upon skills, education, experience, job offer, etc. including the requirements of that province.  After nomination from the province, the individual may apply for the federal government for permanent residence.

There are two types of Provincial Nominee Programs:

1) Under this program, the candidate should have an express entry profile in Canada Express Entry Pool. If the individual gets nominated from the province, he will get additional 600 CRS points which will increase the chances of receiving the invitation to apply.

2) Under this program, the candidate has to meet eligibility criteria under PNP streams and once the candidate is nominated, he can fill permanent residence applications.

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